The 17th Busan Content Market

BCM 2023

Our story is your story

2023.5.31 ~ 6.2 BEXCO

BCM Conference

Content, connecting a new era

Share the experiences of content experts.

Global Business Presentation

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

Trend of Global OTT Platform

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

Trend of NFT and Search for Development

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

한∙중 수교 30주년 기념 토론회

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

한∙남미 수교 60주년 기념 토론회

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

Toward diversity, equality and sustainability in streaming : Translating British media in Korea and Korean media in the UK

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

BCM Funding

From funding consultation to sales of investment attraction content

Cultural content experts support investment advice and content creation advice.

One-on-one consultation with the BCM
investment advisory group composed
of investment reviewers of
cultural content specialists

BIZ Matching

Delivery of information on cultural
contents fund information and
financing information on management status

BCM Funding Briefing

Attracting domestic and foreign buyers
investment and content sales
Successful investment presentation

BCM Global Pitching

Support for the activation of international
co-productions of domestic
and foreign buyers & sellers

MOU Signing Ceremony for Investment

BCM Academy

Lectures by Experts from Video Content Industry

숏폼 플랫폼의 발전

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

숏폼 플랫폼의 발전

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

숏폼 플랫폼의 발전

김광민 / 모두의연구소 CVO

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Cultural contents related practitioners focus on investment information and deliver it.

Asia Digital Broadcasting Academy

A place for exchange of Korean-Asian broadcasters

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Small and Medium Business Support Center

SMEs to lead the content industry

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