About Busan Content Market, BCM

About Busan Content Market, BCM

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Busan Content Market
A worldwide content trading platform originating from the film city of Busan
Busan Content Market A worldwide content trading platform originating from the film city of Busan

A marketplace to empower content businesses within high value-added industries

The Busan Content Market was created to follow up on the success of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), a delight to filmgoers worldwide, as well as to empower content businesses within high value-added industries. The mayor of Busan Metropolitan City sits as Chairman, with executives representing home and abroad content professionals, venture capital investors, producers, media companies, and multi-channel networks (MCN) joining BCM as advisory members and professional committee members. Every spring in Busan, the content market is in full bloom and jam-packed with content sellers and buyers from around the world.

Dramas, Webtoons, Gaming, Animation, Music, and Social Media
are to be discovered, produced, and distributed at the B2B marketplace

Developed as a B2B marketplace offering support for content discovery, investment, production and distribution

The market, which originally initiated with TV broadcasting, has in 15 years’ time now turned into a B2B marketplace offering comprehensive support to such varied categories including webtoons, animation, film, gaming, music and social media.

The market also focuses on finding emerging creators that have yet to be discovered, as well as production, distribution and investment support. Experts and content creators in various industries gather to discuss and have come to collaborate at this content festival representing Korea and Asia.
In addition, the city of Busan plans to develop the market to become a world-class hub for conferencing and networking on artificial intelligence media and content, the metaverse, artificial reality content, blockchain content and high-tech media-based convergence and integration content.

The opening ceremony, BCM funding meetings, BCM conference
and auxiliary events have become international events representing Busan, similar to role played by BIFF

The event helping to popularize Busan and the Korean Wave in the world

With the soaring success of IPTV and OTT, the video content market has grown to a level easily reaching that of the analog film market or traditional broadcasting, as it merges convergence and integration media to pioneer a new market.

Every year, BCM hosts an international conference covering a diverse field of subjects related to the latest worldwide trends in various industries, as well as how best to respond to them.
As well, BCM hosts a funding event where the content of various genres in different stages of development are presented to potential investors, bridging Busan and Korea with the rest of the world.

16th edition with 3000 buyers and sellers participating from 50 countries 100 million dollars worth of deals to be generated at the market

The key networking hub connecting the world’s content market with Korea and Asia

After more than a decade of garnering worldwide recognition since the inaugural BCM event in 2007 hosted 229 companies from 18 countries, today’s BCM attracts nearly 1,000 companies from 50 countries, with transactions totaling over 100 million dollars. Even the Covid-19 pandemic could not hinder the success of the event, with economic activity equaling 175 million USD in 2021. As world-renowned Korean pop culture, such as BTS and Squid Game, go viral around the world, BCM will soon be the key networking hub connecting the world’s content market with Korea and Asia.