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Business trip to Beijing, China (2017-08-06 ~ 2017-08-09)

Writer BCM2017 Date 2017.08.29 View 794

❏ Title : Business trip to Beijing, China (2017-08-06 ~ 2017-08-09)

❏ Place : Beijing, China

❏ Participant : Chairman of BCM Executive Committee Koo, Jong Sang, Expert Adviser Lee, Jae Yong

❏ Period : August. 6(Sun) ~ 9(Wed). 2017

❏ Content

❍ Presentation about results of BCM2017 and gratitude to attendees. Inviting and attracting sponsorship to BCM2018

❍ Discussion on activating BCM2018 and promotion

❍ Discussion on a joint project of 'Is Me Play' system and cooperation


<Together with personnels including the former president of CITV and the executive secretary of animation department of China Television Artists Association>

<Visit the production base and facilities of 'Is Me Play'>

<Together with President of China Television Drama Production Industry Association, You Xiao Gang and actors of ‘Is Me Play’>